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10 April 2008


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Yeah, they're totally not siblings. What with the Inquistor's pre-death unvoiced realization, Valentine's "I wasn't talking about--" line, and the bit about Jocelyn's "You turned my first child into a monster" line, Jace is going to turn out to be the Wayland kid after all. Whether or not that means that Valentine killed Clary's real brother or not, who knows?


The first book was amazing until the sibling part. It made me not want to read the next two, but reanalyzing it I too believe they cannot be siblings. Cassandra Clare wouldn't have put out that the book was an adventure as well as a love story if the lovers turned out to be brother and sister. Hopefully we won't see the last book turn into another Breaking Dawn and ruin the series.

Chelsea lynn

i just finished the first book. i literally screamed in class when i found out the sibling part. i KNEW valentine was clarys dad right from the beginning. its just so shocking! i start the new book in a couple of days when my order comes in. Jace better not be her brother that just ruins the WHOLE ENTIRE SERIES!

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