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28 April 2008


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i just finished this over the weekend, and i have to agree with you, alas. although my caveat is that i just tore through the sammy keyes series in the space of about a month and even though i knew this was a totally different sort of book, i expected some of the same kick-butt goodness. and i actually think you did a good job of putting your finger on what didn't work - with the sitcom analogy. and what was most frustrating was the fact that there were moments where you could see bits of evangeline that, if developed more, could make her a more interesting and compelling character, but ... it just wasn't.


I meant to say, too, that everything in the book (storyline, characters, dialogue, emotional impact) felt flat. (But I guess that comparing it to a sitcom is pretty much the same thing.) Part of me is glad that I'm not crazy, but the other part of me is depressed.

I'm very much looking forward to another Sammy Keyes book -- I'm glad that you liked 'em!

Jill (The Well-Read Child)

I, too, felt the same way about this book. After all of the glowing reviews of Flipped, I really expected something more.

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