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30 April 2008


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At the word 'midwifery' I thought, "Eh?" I've wanted to write a novel which featured midwifery as normal, because it's actually kind of a good thing, but ...it's much more "normal" here in the UK than in the US, and I couldn't figure out how to write it without including the whole Stargirl vibe.

I love that this character both does yoga AND is snarky. Meanwhile, yes: Stargirl WOULD HAVE done yoga in a hallway too. Annoyingly. And looked around soulfully for everyone to Do It With Her To Better Themselves.



Oh, my dearest Tadmack, how I do love you!


Oh, can I just say how thankful I am with your continued aggravation with Stargirl? For the longest time, I thought I was the only one.

For the record, though, I don't think Stargirl would have done yoga in the hallway. I don't think she'd be capable of anything that required sitting still and being silent. Oog.


Brooke, I think she would have stood in the middle of the hallway (rather than over by her locker, like Kat) and done Tree Pose, forcing the flow of foot traffic to go around her.

(I should mention again here that I did end up liking her much more in the sequel. But, yeah. That first book? Grr.)


i have read the book click here and i really enjoyed it i love how it is rally like a real seventh graders life. now i can't wait to read fact of life #31 it sounds great.

Little Willow

I enjoyed this book as well. Kat was realistic and I liked that she had some atypical interests, such as yoga, and wasn't ashamed of them. I agree that she's better than Stargirl.

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