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14 April 2008


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Kate F.

Weird that you posted this today--I picked up both books last week, having made a mental "get those" note after you wrote about them. I read them both this weekend and really enjoyed them, though I was a bit annoyed that 1) she wrote something VERY similar to the new-generation-Melendy books I always planned on writing, 2) She mentioned loads of my favorite books, which I'd always assumed I'd be able to refer to in said planned book, and which would now look like copying. Darn it.

I agree with what you said about the kids being weirdly un-observant. There were some really strange things in the second book--I had trouble believing none of them would have precociously read Sense & Sensibility, and I was sure someone would refer back to the Latin "liar, liar, pants on fire," I thought it was so weird that they translated it and basically were like "weird."

Kate F.

Also, they said in that list that "Magic by the Lake" was by Nesbit instead of Eager. Sigh.


Magical powers work as well as anything for the lottery. Mine is, my future me visited my mind in the past to give me the numbers I use. My sweetie's future him gave us the idea. We also use numbers his future him gave him. Of course, I can no longer remember which set of numbers came from who, so I keep wondering, are those numbers any good anymore? For good measure, I also use the numbers on the back of some significant fortunes that came my way inside some cookies. One says, "Love is the secret to peace of mind." The other says, "Your most memorable dream will come true." I have them taped to my monitor. A third one I have taped says, "You love peace."

Oh, and I do buy the tickets, so at least I have that miniscule chance....

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