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03 April 2008


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I read this yesterday and almost croaked from excitement. $200 million dollars! If Warner Brothers is playing games with my heart, so help them...


Yeah, my Bloglines suddenly rejected Fuse #8 as well. What's going on?

So excited about the Larklight news!


Me three! I don't know what's up with SLJ's feed...


*chimes in*

My Google Reader's not picking up Fuse either... Glad to see I'm not the only one, though...!

Fuse #8

Unbeknownst to me Google Reader and my RSS feed decided to war with one another. Serious blood is being shed. My only comfort is that Alison Morris over at Publisher's Weekly is have the same darn problem. In the meantime I'll just watch my stats sink down down down down down . . . .

stmpnk geek

i love larklight more then anything else in the world, can't wait till 2010!

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