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07 April 2008


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Maureen E

It's very pretty, but the dress is so period-inaccurate it makes me want to tear my hair out. Then again, the book probably is too. I wish I didn't care about these things so much.


I totally agree and the book was definitely inaccurate in very "amusing" ways, but I know deep down that I'll pick up the next on too... Sort of like how I was addicted to that terrible show Swan's Crossing when I was 11, or General Hospital in High School.


Okay, if you're watching Gossip Girl, you should at least TRY the books. They're so much more hilarious and awesome. And the brands work as part of the satire/humor, unlike in, say, the Clique books.

Andrew Karre

When I see that dress, I can't help but think of the new look of recent JCrew catalogs. They are still preppy and old money, but now distinctly more dramatic and "luxe," and I think you can chalk some of that up to black backgrounds and heavy shadows--like this cover.

I think this is really interesting. To me, this package looks even more sophisticated and aspirational than GOSSIP GIRL covers (hence more in common with J Crew than Wet Seal?).


Maureen: Stuff like that makes me crazy when I catch it, so I'm happy I don't know much about the fashion of that time!

Gwen: I've read a couple of the Gossip Girl books, but they just didn't capture me for some reason. The show, on the other hand... I just love it. I'm way behind, but I know I'll snag a used copy of the DVDs at some point!


Gah! I thought the concept for this book was so great, but the tone grated on me right away and I couldn't get past the first chapter. In a book like this, the details & dialogue don't have to be strictly accurate but they have to give a good sense of the period, and those characters didn't just seem like the Gossip Girls in costume--they were like the Gossip Girls in badly-fitting costume.

By contrast, there's The Other Boleyn Girl, which I'm reading now (not kids' or teen lit, guilty pleasure)--she doesn't try to get the dialogue right--the characters say all kinds of things that hadn't even been invented then--but somehow the period feeling is right on target.


I can definitely see the grate factor (especially for those who read a lot of historical fiction), but I think that the audience it's being marketed to will dig it.

I still haven't read Philippa Gregory, though I've been meaning to for ages and ages! What's a good one to start with?


I'm in the middle of "The Luxe" and am vaguely annoyed at myself for not reading something more substantial, but thus far I am reasonably entertained so there we have it. It dawned on me last night that it might turn out very much like "The Illusionist" (2006, Edward Norton and Jessica Biel)...wait and see!

As for Philippa Gregory, I listened to "The Boleyn Inheritance" on CD and kept driving around the block until chapters were over and then bounding into the apartment and throwing the disc in my computer to keep listening. "The Other Boleyn girl" is the first in her Tudor series, though. Mmm...Tudor-era his-fic...talk about a guilty pleasure!


Nice. Not only am I going to have to break down and Netflix or buy* The Tudors, but now I'm going to have to finally read Philippa Gregory.

The Luxe is strangely readable, though (as I think I already said) it didn't surprise me a single time and it kind of made me feel like my brain was leaking out of my ears. Ah well. Sometimes ultra-angst and bitchy girls in 1899 just fits the bill, you know?

*Oh, who am I kidding? We're talking Jonathan Rhys Meyers, here. Buy.


I'm not usually a fan of angst and bitchy rich kids behaving badly. I can't bear Gossip Girl (or Philippa Gregory). But I actually really enjoyed this and Rumors. Sometimes it does just fit the bill!

I linked to this review in mine here: http://caramellunacy.blogspot.com/2009/02/luxe-anna-godbersen.html



i personally love this book because i love historical fiction and i love the characters
my summary of the characters
Elizabeth Holland- No one knows who she really is, she's a great girl she loves a great guy (Will Keller) and through Dianna and Penelope think she's a goody two shoes she's not she's just in love :)
Dianna Holland- Man I ♥ this girl. so funny and very different from Elizabeth. and she's also in love (Henry) through i think Henry is a jerk to Elizabeth he still loves Dianna
Penelope Hayes- i don't like her, she's fake and she pretends to be Elizabeth's friend when she's just wanting her social status. she's a brat and she complains when she doesn't get her way.
Will Keller- love this kid. he's a great guy really loves Elizabeth and follows his dreams. he wants Liz so bad it hurts my heart. .
Lina Broad(?)- i hate her she's so stuck up and whiny, yeah so what she lost her "man" he never was her man so she really needs to get over it.

Henry Schoomoker(?)- even through i haven't finished the Luxe, so far my impression of Henry is that he's a jerk and he's the social scene man. which may be good once or twice but come on. the guy is not in love with Liz i wish his stupid father would realize that.
*just my impressions so far.*

the book is great amazing writing amazing story.


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