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02 May 2008


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I was an addicted science fiction reader in the 70's. (I abandoned the genre when it became too much fantasy and not enough science.) But, yes, there was a certain amount of embarrassment to be seen in the SF section of the book store.


I have to say that I'm dismayed at how often I hear people say things like, "Usually, I don't read/like/sully myself with fantasy or science fiction, but this is good."

your neighborhood librarian

"Back in the day, did people feel embarrassed browsing the sci-fi (or other genre fiction) shelves?"

God yes. The lurid colors, the spiky title fonts, the space babe popping out of her skin-tight jumpsuit - I only bought sci-fi at secondhand shops for YEARS.

Thanks for the pointer to that BoingBoing post - interesting discussion.


Gwenda, replace "fantasy or science fiction" with YA lit, and I'm there. I've heard people recommend both Octavian Nothing and The Book Thief that way.

Makes me CRAZY.


It helps to have a degree in Reading. I can always just say this and get away with any genre.
Well, except romance, that genre would be too embarrassing to actually ever read ;-)


I used to say that (about romance), but then I got addicted to regency romances. And maybe the urban fantasy romances, but I'm not quite ready to admit that one yet.

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