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02 May 2008


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a Paperback Writer

Yeah, I figured out the big secret from the first clue, too.
However, the first kiss scene was so dang fun that I burst out laughing on the spot.
Maybe I forgave the book some of its weaknesses (although, now that you mention them, I agree with you) because its travel scenes were so dang real. I've traveled a great deal in my life, and some of that stuff was just such a good parody of things I'd seen -- or exactly like real things I'd seen (toilets in China and Italy come to mind).
I bought a copy of the book. It's worth it if only for that first kiss scene, which happens to be my favorite of such scenes ever. :)


I agree that the characters never became real people. Vassar stayed essentially the same the entire novel. I sort of felt she was comparable to Bindy Mackenzie, but where I found Bindy to be hilarious and I loved to hate her because of how awful she was. I just found Vassar to be irritating and she never redeemed herself to me.

I did love her cowboy though - he was a fun touch.


I thought this was a fun book but I honestly couldn't get over the fact that the guy was shorter than the girl. Very superficial of me, but oh well. :)


The real strengths of the book for me were the travel sequences and (oddly) Vassar's voice. I really did enjoy her voice, even though I never felt any of the characters that she told me about(including herself) become real people. Strange, right?


I thoroughly enjoyed the book and its characters. But however much I liked the book, the ending disappointed me. I was looking forward to Vassar's parents' and friends' reactions to the novel; and I was hoping Hanks would show up again and Amber, Denise, and Laurel would go wild. I think there should be a sequel. But then again, that's just me. =]

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