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06 May 2008


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Nick's an idiot. I'm so glad that Harrison does what she does to him in a later book!


Ooooo! I can't wait. I hope it's something super-horrible.


I think Kim's books are hard to fit in a genre label. At PLA, her publisher put her on a panel of romance writers. That alone I wouldn't quible about too much because she does have relationships in her books and they are a prime focus, but as you'll find out in the next few Kim Harrison doens't write the typical romance either and on the panel with her were three women known for thier historical romances.

I think the composition of the pannel made for some ackward moments, but was very interesting in the end.

Anyway - the books make more sense if you don't try to view them as any one genre.


Keep reading - I totally agree with you about Rachel's duff choices, *ala voice-over of doom* but all will be revealed!

Seriously, as you so sapiently noted, the arc is more of a character & life arc, not a genre/mystery arc, and as such, some of the things that are apparently just quirks are revealed to be foreshadowing. And that's all I'll say because I wouldn't want to spoil the story for you.

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