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27 May 2008


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Yours is one of the best reviews I've read yet. I feel guilty about the free download thing for some reason (?), but have sampled the first few pages, and the voice is VERY real. Can't wait to get home and get this one!


Cory Doctorow has a site with how-to's that's very fun and interesting. Shows you how to do some of the stuff in the book.



I'm looking forward to reading Little Brother. It sounds great. I'm also up to my ears in books so I'll have to add it to my stash!


What's equally cool is if you send a gushy email to the author with a link to your review, he'll send you an equally gushy response thanking you.
I <3 Cory Doctorow forever.


Man, I can't wait for this. I first saw it when Scott Westerfeld was hyping it on his blog. But my hometown, bombed? Yeeps!


I've heard really good things about this book. Can't wait to read it now! :-)


Duuuuuude, free? Now I have no excuse not to read it. Not that I didn't WANT to read it. Great review!


This book was a let-down for me. I don't have a problem with the characterizations so much--I just didn't think it was very exciting.

**spoiler alert**

I didn't expect it to be as good as 1984, but I did think Doctorow might build some of that tension, where the protagonist just doesn't know who to trust and friends can turn out to be enemies. Instead, friends just turn out to be really good friends, and all the chicks really dig Marcus. So: not terrible, just not as good as I'd hoped.


I am delurking. I have read your reviews for a while and occasionally pick up something based on your review. I have never been disappointed and Little Brother was no exception. I could not put it down. It has been the first thing in months that has made me pause my infinite Battlestar Galactica marathon. Hackers is one of my favorite movies and this felt so much like it, but even better since it wasn't so ridiculous and outdated. Thanks for the great review otherwise I never would have picked this up!


hayden: I totally suspected the love interest of being a DHS spy, so maybe that added to the tension factor for me.

Wonderfallz: Glad you loved it! You should delurk more often.

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