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23 May 2008


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Kelly Fineman

Whoa! I didn't know about the seal points on Siamese being heat-activated. Wild!

First person present is as hard to write well as anything else is. That many novice writers, some of whom don't write well, gravitate toward it shouldn't result in an indictment of the entire p.o.v.

Great interview!


Meg is fourteen different kinds of awesome. That is all.


I have been dying, dying, DYING for this interview. I almost snagged her myself, but wasn't brave enough to go knocking on her door. (And what, INTERRUPT the sequel to Northlander? Not I.)

And I have to TRIP OUT on that "first person is the mark of awkward nerddom." Um, hello? No, no, no. I SO disagree. And now I'm going to have to read her blog and rant right along with her. Northlander flowed beautifully. Beautifully. So, yay, and all of that.


Also: Rainbow Brite Collection!? AWESOME.

R.J. Anderson

Wow, what a fun set of questions and answers (I loved Adaon too, Meg)! Plus I got a shout-out, yay!

Thanks for this interview.


AAAAHHHHH! She has a Sphynx! I've wanted one for a long time and Jeremy thinks I'm insane and that they're creepy. eeeeeeee (cute kitten noise)


So, I pretty much want to hang out with Meg - Rainbow Brite dolls and all. Faboo interview, Leila!

Meg Burden

Thank you again for inviting me to participate in the SBBT, Leila, and thanks for being a great interviewer!

You must have read my mind--I have a teen novel started about three girls who go to an early college program (it's been on the back burner for awhile), and I'm planning to write a MG fantasy set in Nebraska after TKC is finished.


Oh gosh. I love Eisley they were my obsession last year for like two months straight.
If you like them I'd suggest some healthy doses of:

Emilie Simon
Bat For Lashes

All of the above are quite..."alternative" but definitely gravy.
Uh. Yeah! <3

Sheila Ruth

I'm just catching up on my blog reading and I wanted to say great interview! Good questions, Leila! I loved Northlander, too, and look forward to reading the next one. (Don't give up, Meg - keep writing! I'm sure your sophomore book will be as good or better than the first one!) I thought the first person present tense was just perfect for this book, so don't listen to what anyone else says!

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