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08 May 2008


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Eric Luper

I have a better one...

"For readers ages zero to a hundred and zero."

Why neglect the younguns? They could be enriched by Patterson's genius prose as well!

Brian F.

Is that before or after he invented verbs? I'm guessing it was after he pioneered what is conceived as the modern spy novel. But it must have been before he revolutionized the publishing industry by daring to be the first writer ever to give his characters names.

How did we ever get by before James Patterson sprung fully formed from Zeus's mind?


Well, he was in advertising before he became the bestselling writer of all time. You know what he's been all along? PURE EVIL.


That tagline was on the Invisible Ink activity books I loved as a kid.


(That's not me right above. I click on links.) Who wrote that "article"? JP himself?

Gah. I'm not sure what it is about him but he really gets up my nose. Do you remember EVER selling a copy of that terrible, horrible book? I don't. We had the same copy for the last 3 years I was at the Monkey.


Sorry..baby. The invisible ink comment was mine. They also had other clever taglines like "For ages 13 to 113" and "For ages 14 to 114". Amazing.


Yes, I was typing, feeding the baby, looking at links, catching drool. Apologies for being redundantly snarky.


Gosh. James Patterson makes babies drool.

Now THAT would be an original (if nonsensical!) tagline.


I'm glad that article annoyed more people than just me. I don't like the vibe I get when I read articles about James Patterson.


Someone had better tell Mel Tormé.


I have been tempted to read one of his books just to see what they're like. Sort of like research. Anyone want to save me the effort?

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