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13 May 2008


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I babysit my three-year-old nephew on Wednesdays and we watch this video roughly 42 times a day. He loves it, and knows it by heart.


I think I'll be singing that last line for the rest of my life. Voldymort!

Maureen E

I love this one! Also the Bothering Snape one--hilarious! I'm not even really a HP fan and I love them.


Wow, I thought everyone had seen those. If I had known you hadn't seen it I'd have sent you the link.

Sheila Ruth

Wow, Leila, you hadn't seen it before? All the kids I know love it. When a group of them get together, they like to take the different parts and do it. I have to admit it's pretty catchy, and hilarious. There are other Potter Puppet Pals videos, but this one is far and away the best.


I really hadn't! I knew about the Potter Puppet Pals, but I hadn't watched any of the videos. The part that sticks in my head, for some reason, is Ron's: "Ron, Ron, Ron WEASley..."

Josh is mad at me because he's been wandering around for days now singing "Voldemort, Voldemort, oh Voldy Voldemort..."


My kids are obsessed with this video. I could probably sing it myself from hearing it in the background so many times.

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