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22 May 2008


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I definately think mention of the original artist should have been a primary part of the cover. Maybe even a simple blurb.


Yeah. I guess they're adding a blurb to the New Yorker website. Maybe they'll run an addendum in the new issue, too -- I'll be sure to look for one.


I'm wondering who else here knows that Stephenie Meyer plagiarized teen author Jordan Scott's vampire love story The Nocturne. Having heard these types of rumors about Meyer before, I'm not surprised...but knocking off a teenager's first book -- THAT'S low. That's seriously low, even for you, Meyer. Instead of Breaking Dawn, you should have called this cheap imitation "The Knock-off".

So, it's no wonder that Breaking Dawn was such a weird ending to the series. No wonder it didn't fit in. No wonder that Meyer told the public in 2006 that she was going to struggle to meet her publishing deadline to get Breaking Dawn out by August 2008. And it's no wonder Meyer admitted that she "worked with" and "based" Breaking Dawn on another novel which she "won't mention the name of".

It's no lie. Take a look at the similarities for yourself.



A comment like this would be much more useful if you actually listed some of the similarities or specified pages to look at -- as is, it reads like simple Meyer-bashing or a strange advertisement for Scott's book. It's a huge accusation to make without backing yourself up.

(I'm not much of a Meyer fan -- but I do try to be fair!)

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