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26 June 2008


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Hadn't heard about this one yet--thanks!


Have you read The Book of Ballads? It's a collection of folk ballads retold by fantasy authors and illustrated by Charles Vess. I know they had Sovay in there.


I like Rees' response that says she wishes people policed other things that teens were watching, playing or doing as much as they scrutinized the books they read. Are books watched more closely? If you think so, why?


I don't think that books are policed more -- there are plenty of people who get worked up about the other stuff (I think that's how we ended up with video game ratings and the Explicit Content labels on CDs, right?) -- we're just more dialed in to what goes on the book realm.


Great-I hadn't seen Triskellion. Looks interesting, thanks.


I have a proof which I think I will finish next week - I can send it on if you don't have a copy pending somewhere? (If so, is that your current address in your "about me" section?)


It is indeed, and I don't have a copy pending. Thanks, Anna!

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