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23 June 2008


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I'm in the same boat - I didn't even have the sequel on my radar, so it was a great surprise when it arrived in the store. For the past month, I've been selling it to eager kids, telling them, "Oh, I can't wait to read that!" So why haven't I yet??


Hey y'all, read the sequel!! It's even better than the first book! I read it as an advanced copy and could barely wait to get my hands on the real deal. I was a little upset that the artwork changed and the first and second hardbacks do not match, but I'm hoping there will be a boxed set or something.

Mary Burkey

The audiobook of Skulduggery Pleasant is one the very best productions ever! It is a 2008 Odyssey Award Honor title, and most definitely deserves the recognition. Strangely, Harper Audio has decided to release the sequel, Playing with Fire, as a download-only audiobook. Perhaps a campaign by Skulduggery fans can change this decision!

And if you're going to be at ALA in Anaheim, plan to attend the free Odyssey Award ceremony at the Booklist Forum Friday night! More information here: http://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=4602714387100348768

And be sure to check out Skuduggery's website. It's fantastic - you can even download a cellphone ringtone! http://www.skulduggerypleasant.com/us/


A sequel? You just made my day!

sam jones

ilove sculduggerypleasent!im mad about the books and the peopel in them.deric landly is amazing.
from sam (girl), 13, chester cathlic high school.

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