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19 June 2008


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Thanks for the rec! I JUST had this book in my hand the other day and loved the first chapter, but ended up with GENIUS SQUAD instead. Cadel's been neat, but I think I should've stuck with Frankie...

Maureen E

P.G. Wodehouse is mentioned? I'm reading it!


Beth, I loved the Genius books as well -- but, yeah! Totally different animal.

Maureen, I know. Even if I'd disliked every other thing about the book (which I didn't at all!), Frankie's love of Wodehouse would have redeemed it for me. (Did that even make any sense? It did in my head... Whatever. I loved it, and her love of Wodehouse just made it that much better!)

Melissa Walker

Ooh, I really need to read this one soon. Can't wait.

Little Willow

Love this book.


I got this book from the library upon your recommendation, and I just loved it. I'm so "gruntled" with the book that I will purchase a copy as soon as the bookstore opens tomorrow. ;)


Thanks for the recomendation, I couldn't put it down & ended up reading it in one sitting. I really liked Frankie & have to agree that by the end I just wanted to shake Matthew & tell him to wake up! My heart broke a little with the exchange about the t-shirt at the end. I'm looking forward to reading more by the author, that's for sure.


I enjoyed this one, too! Great review--I'll be posting it on the Cybils site this week.


I loved this book. I want to go find that no star guy and give him a piece of my mind (while I still have some to spare). I read the Genius books, too and enjoyed them, but I just adored Frankie! It even made it into the Tournament of Books the year after it came out and deservedly so.

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