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10 June 2008


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I wasn't as impressed with this as a sequel (although I do agree it really does flow better than the first book). TLS just seemed to retread the old book with a slightly new adventure, which probably will appeal to young readers more than to adults.


Ah, but I liked the actual adventure more this time around! The third book will be the real test for me.


I loved the first book and can't wait to read the next

Elias Rodriguez

Hi!!! you know what I hate this book its so freakin retarded all they
are trying to save one of their stupid mentors fuck you Trenton lee
stewart for creating a shitty book


Well, that was constructive.


I thought this book was great!!!! I think it is a book for all ages with adventure and suspense! I give it a 5 star ratoing and recommend it to everyone willing to read!


i love this book!! is there going to be a third book?


I think this was a great book.. I actually read it before the first.. Reading the second one first really made me want to read the first one.. So now I'm reading the first one. Is there to be a third book?

chocolate strawberri

so excited for the third book i go to the library every day. to see if they got it.

chocolate strawberri

oh and i luv the way madge comes and saves the day! that part was awesome. oh and poor milligan.


I love the Mysterious Benedict Books and I can't believe their is a third book I want to get it and read it very badly!! I think Milligan is funny!


I loved this book and the whole series. Although I did like the first book a bit better than this one... I didn't like how trenton went on and on and on about duskwort. Good book however! I hope there is a third!

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