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23 June 2008


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Kim McCollum-Clark

Perfect timing, Leila! I had just that thought yesterday when I was scanning the YA shelves at my local bookstore. Right now, my most despised book is Aidan Chambers' This is All: The Pillowbook of Cordelia Kenn. !!!! I don 't have words enough to describe how I HATE THIS BOOK!!!! I"ve never met another person who read it. . .does anybody else have strong feelings either way about that book?



I haven't read that one (yet), but I'm absolutely positive that I've read some rants about it...

Brian F.

Leila: I was amused that two people on the list chose Patricia Cornwell. She's got her rabid fans but she's also got legions of people who would rather endure anal surgery at the hands of a near-sighted protologist armed with a chainsaw than read a single word she's committed to the page. I have very few books I've hated to this degree. Mostly, I'm disgusted by "movie books" and blatant disregard for writing in favor of waiting for someone to call for the movie rights. I tend to get more offended by authors who, in my opinion, are vaunted for no apparently good reason.

Kim: You should chat with Liz over at A Chair, A Fireplace, and A Tea Cozy about THIS IS ALL. I think you'd have much to share. :-)


I knew you'd bring up the movie books, Brian! I noticed the two Cornwell picks, too -- her legions of fans seem to be split the same way that the LKH fans are split. You know, lots of people who adore her earlier books but feel that the more recent ones are... not so good. And then there are the people who just hate 'em all! I still haven't tried her. I keep meaning to, as I really do find forensics way interesting.

Brian F.

Am I becoming that transparent?


No, just predictable.

MU Ha ha aaaaaa...

(That was my evil laugh.)


My despised book is The Catcher in the Rye (I vividly remember once standing in a subway station with it and imagining how it would look if I threw it down upon the tracks), but I can't go around telling people because it's a deal-breaker for many.

I love having a "didn't finish" shelf on Goodreads (http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/415014), because now it's much easier for me to give up a book. It's OK, I can just put it on the shelf!


I am going to go against the tide here (and risk being banned) by stating I was about 100 pps. into the second book of a Very Popular YA trilogy when I threw it across the room and shouted if I had to read the main protagonist's thoughts any more I was going to become a mid-life cutter. No, I'm not talking about the Twilight series (about which I have much darker thoughts).

Kim McCollum-Clark

Thanks for the tip, Brian. Will do. I hate that book so much I wonder if I've gone around the bend or something! It will be good to hear from someone else!



Diana, was it Rebel Angels? C'mon, you can tell us!


Anyone ever read the adult chick-lit-ty novel THE THIN PINK LINE? Stupid woman thinks she might be pregnant, but isn't, but wants attention, so she pretends for nine months that she is. But she's too stupid to know anything or, I don't know, do any research about pregnancy, so continues to smoke and drink and be an asshat and wonders why people give her dirty looks. Then when the jig is up and she either has to tell the truth or produce a baby, SHE FINDS AN ABANDONED BABY ON A DOORSTEP and everything is hunky-dory. Kill. KILL. KIIIIIILLLLL. (Granted, I was about six months pregnant when I read this, so I may have been a little sensitive.)

Diana, if it is the Libba Bray trilogy, I couldn't get through it either.



And, obviously, New Moon and Eclipse. And inevitably Breaking Dawn.


Leila and EM - Not Libba Bray (though I do agree with you on that one as well). This one has the word Magic in the title of each book (going to hide now...), though I tend to believe it's a bit more popular with adult YA fantasy readers than with actual young adults.


The Larbalestier books?? Shocking!


I totally butchered the spelling of her last name, I think.


Truly? No one else wanted to slap Reason back to Australia? I guess it's just me. Oh well. If I buy another t-shirt can I stay?

Lady in a Smalltown

I am working my way through the ALA Banned and Challenged list. I forced myself to read all of Slaughterhouse 5. HATED IT. And I have liked other Vonnegut books.

I also have a bookshelf where I can put books I didn't finish. I called it Abandoned. The only book I have on it right now is Shakespeare: The Biography. I try to finish every book I start.

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