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21 July 2008


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Canadian Girl

Thank you for this! This is a cover that I kept looking at trying to get my eyes to blur over and make this guy good looking. Even without my glasses- it doesn't work! Book or movie- Edward is not my man! Neither is Jacob.


"Grodily hairy" bwahahaha. It's a hilarious Eeeeeeewwww. I wish there were sparklies on the cover, to complete it. Like maybe one on his eyeball, and then his pecs and his jeans.

One thing that cracked me up about the trailer was the fact that Bella actually RODE Edward, like he was some Magic Flying Vampire Ride circus attraction. I love things that are unintentionally hilarious. Between that and the EW cover, I might have to see the movie!!


Things do not bode well at all for this movie. I've seen some behind the scenes footage on the website, and the bad vampires? They're wearing lace ruffs and fur coats and stuff. WRONG. So wrong. And yeah, that cover is grody.


that cover is so creepy though i though the leather jacket james had was fine


i can't help it. i just don't care- i can't WAIT till the movie comes out. and definitely more than that i can't wait till the next book comes out- all i have to say about that is that she (meyer) better give us something good bc it's been quite a (sometimes tedious) wait!!!

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