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23 July 2008


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Curse your ARCs. I hate getting all excited about a book only to find out it hasn't been released.


Veronica Mars love!

This book is totally going on my to-read list. It sounds great.


Arg! I was stoked to place a request for the book at my library... now I'm crushed I have to wait until October... Boo!

But really, thanks for the recommendation, I can't wait to read it. Due to your blog, I'm ahead of the curve for lots of books and get to be the first person to read them half the time. Let's hope this is one of them...

(fingers crossed)

Jay Montville

"...who's just dying to bake me something. You're a marshmallow, Veronica Mars. A twinkie." :)

LOVE Veronica. Also love your blog, which I found through Google reader, and I'm not really looking forward to this book. What a great review.



I'll be on the lookout for this once it's released. :)


I was all set to go put it on hold...and then you dashed my hopes.

I knew I recognized that quote - good thing some people have a better memory than I do.


Sounds good. In some ways it sounds similar to Ursula LeGuin's 'Gifts'. Was her writing style similar?

Maureen E

AGH. Another one to wait for. Along with Chalice, which I am incredibly excited about and may just have to pre-order.


Aljay: Nope. I love Le Guin and I loved Gifts, but something about her writing style makes me feel distanced from her characters, and it also makes me feel like she is, too. I didn't get that feeling at all in Graceling -- I did notice the similarity with the special powers, though, of course! But that's something that shows up in lots of stuff -- X-Men, Charlie Bone, Xanth...


Just wanted to let you know that Graceling is now available on Amazon so hopefully you'll be able to talk about it with people soon! :)


I just picked this book up the other day, and I KNEW I'd heard rave reviews about it from somewhere. Suffice it to say, I loved it as well, staying up way too late in order to finish it, on a night when I knew I had to be up early for work the next morning. And of course, the next day I was tired and cranky because I was running on less than four hours of sleep, and I knew I didn't have any more of this story to look forward to.


So, after buying this last fall, I finally waded through the piles of books and reached this one...and wanted to thank you for yet another great recommendation. This book was awesome. It seemed to start a little slower than it could have, but once she crossed the mountains, I was glued to the pages.
But not literally. I try not to use glue around my books, 'cause I'm klutzy and what I said above would happen.
I need more coffee.


Oh, and also, I was amused that the romance was much more realistic and healthy in some ways than many literary romances, not only because of the marriage/babies thing, but also because the characters didn't have to be attached at the hip from the time they realized they liked each other. I mean, they worried if they were apart and in some sort of danger, but it wasn't like, 'oh! Half of my soul is gone! All is dark and gloom and emo!'


YES. I thought the romance was so well done in this one.


i absolutely loved this book, it was romantic and unwinding i couldn't put the book down.

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