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23 July 2008


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Well, I can't watch this video because I'm at work, but this comment is at least semi-related: (Quote from Shelf Awareness)
"Eloise in Paris, a film adaptation of the children's classic by Kay Thompson and illustrator Hilary Knight, will begin principal photography September 8, but it has already made headlines in Variety with the announcement that "Christian Siriano, winner of last season's [reality TV series] Project Runway and self-described 'fierce' designer, will create the couture collection that will be showcased . . . in the culminating scene of the Charles Shyer-helmed film, when Eloise (Jordana Beatty) and Nanny (Uma Thurman) attend Paris Fashion Week.""

Ummm...what??!? First of all...Uma Thurman as Nanny?? and Eloise at Paris Fashion Week? I'm picturing SATC, Ugly Betty, and Devil Wears Prada--y'know, but for kids. Why must Hollywood modernize/bastardize our children's books?

Katlin Seagraves

Poor John Green and his Gap jacket.


As a fan of Project Runway and all of those authors, I thank you! Made my day!

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