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21 July 2008


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I loved this book too. It grabbed me immediately and I really was a little sad when it was over. I enjoyed Lucas' voice so well that I would have been happy to follow him for 200 more pages. Also I'm sad that I'm never having another kid because I have grown so attached to the name Violet from various places. Great name!


My advice? Be careful when googling Jenny Valentine. Also, be careful when running competitions for young people to go off onto the internet and find out more info about Jenny Valentine. THERE IS MORE THAN ONE. I'm just saying.

(her second book "Broken Soup", is also brilliant)


tulip: It is a great name, isn't it? And, yeah -- I would have definitely read more. The ending was left pretty open, so maybe J. Valentine will write a follow-up...

lili: That happened to you, too? I'm so glad I'm not the only one who googled her and got a Big Surprise. (I'm so sorry about the competition. Okay, I admit it, I laughed. But if it had been me I probably would have cried!)


i have read this but it was called "finding Violet Park"


i really liked it though it came out the school libary and since my class were doing real life issus i picked this one up insted its dosent really come under that genre but i dont care it got me at the blurb :P


Yep, Finding Violet Park is the UK title and Me, the Missing & the Dead is the American title.

I could see it working for real life issues, though, what with everything about Lucas' home life and his relationship with his mother and sister and his father leaving and all!

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