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24 July 2008


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"I love Isaac Phillips Buck (who I can't help imagining as a younger version of Philip Seymour Hoffman as Freddie Miles)"

Dude! That's exactly how I picture him, too! :)

I really enjoyed the first book and am looking forward to the second, but I am trying to make myself wait for the library copy rather than breaking down and buying it.

A Paperback Writer

hey, both books get an A for covers, though. I keep picking up Luxe in book stores and wanting to read it because of the cover, then trying to read the first chapter and not being able to concentrate on it.....
But, wow-- what covers.


I know! Gorgeous, right?


I love the books <3


I feel the same way about the Big Finale! There's no way I can skip Envy now...

I really enjoyed your review, so I linked to it here


OMG Luxe wuz such a great book!!!!!!;):)


does anyone know where i can read it online for free? i'm dieing to know what happens next, but i cant find it in any stores.

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