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22 July 2008


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Ooh. Peabody and Emerson-ish characters? I'm there.


Brisbane is a combination of Sherlock Holmes, Radcliffe Emerson, and Heathcliff
So...hot, then?


Hot and cranky. And for a while I thought he might be a werewolf. I won't tell you if I was right or not...

Sarah Rettger

I'll warn you now, Leila - savor Silent in the Sanctuary, because the next one isn't out until March! (Says the girl who got hooked on these two weeks ago.)


Auuugh! For real? That STINKS!

Well, it's checked out at the moment, so I have at least that long to wait...


I loved this book, too! And the second one is even better--it's lighter in tone, funny and had a bit more romance, too. :)


I really enjoyed this when I read it a while ago, and totally think that Nicholas Brisbane is hot!

I haven't managed to read the second one yet, but I will!


What a great opening paragraph. And, haha, you are so right about YA heroines.

Kelly Fineman

Will look for this at the local library. Sounds divine. Laughed aloud when you decided to explain which Heathcliff.

I loved this book. In fact i managed to read the whole thing in the car too, and i get car sick so that says something! I was also camping and practically forced my way to a computar so i could order the next book which was also rather amazing! I really don't know how I'll manage wait until MARCH!

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