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07 August 2008


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I loved this book too!!! I was a little upset at the ending when I first read it, but looking back, I'm glad it was written the way it was. And as I told a bunch of librarians yesterday, Sandy is one of the creepiest characters in all of teen lit!


I haven't finished it.
And now, thanks to you, I have no choice but to grab a bag of chips, a flash light, and run into my bedroom, turning the lights off, and reading until it's finished.


I loved how Myrcle gave both sandy and sarah the initials SSL! I'm expecting some HUUUGE plot twist switching the two characters... I'll just have to see =D


Sorry, that's SLL.
And Myricle.


There better be a sequile. Well I hope there is a sequil. (excuse me for my bad spelling) I hate that Sandy won in the end. She creeps me out.


OMG!!! I loved that book! I was upset that Sarah Lynn died though. I could toatally read it like a million times. I hate Sandy she kept cat crap in her closet!

P.S, Mitchell is a jerk.


i haven't started this book. yet but now i feel like reading it sooooo bad!


I thought the book was horrible!
Why do I want to hear about blood and cat teats and an overall unhappy poorly-written story? Why would anyone? The author didn't give enough information about "blood magic" or the obsession that Sandy and Lilianna had with it. so what if Sandy gave a sacrifice?" What then? plz tell me if you know. Cuz i have no idea. I think it's absolutly disgusting and gory and wrong in all ways possible. I mean some old woman keeps a piece of Liliana's head all knarled and wrikled and decaying? How horrifying. And hate that Sandy won in the end. She didn't even tell us what blood magic is! And the ending?! waaaaaaaaaaaay too abrupt and horrible. aLL the things that I liked about the book at first:Sarah Lyn, Michell, Lawrence. It all went down the flippin' toilet! and just like that. AND THEN IT ENDS. Whoopdie-doo, the evil girl wins and the good girls' life is ruined. yup. always love a story like that. :) NOT. :(


Oh sorry, wasn't done yet. plz tell me the message that the author is trying to give other than the lovely one where her intention is to put disgusting pictures in our heads.

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