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09 August 2008


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Your practically page by page notes made me crack up. I think some people just hate it because it isn't how they were imagining it, which is stupid. I pretty much agree with everything you said.


Renesmee is a very silly name, I have to agree. The author, however, is Mormon, and the Utah branch in particular are notorious for inflicting strange and unwieldy names upon their offspring. Some examples.. http://wesclark.com/ubn/

That was the first thing I thought of when I read her intended naming choices.


Dude! My name is totally on that list. Then again, so is 'K-8'. As is 'Lyn-Z'. Rough, man. Rough.

Sarah Miller

Fabulous. I so don't need to read the book now. (Not that I was really, really tempted anyway, but still...)


I think milk nearly came out of my nose while reading this. -happydance-

writer and reader

If you want a really funny breakdown of the book by Edward's POV go to this website



That is FANTASTIC. Thanks for the tip, writer and reader.

Also check out the commentary at Fandom Wank.


More here.


Wow, who would have thought that the people who actually liked Breaking Dawn would be a minority?

Personally, I love the book to pieces and it may be the only one in the series that I re-read. Whitney brought up looking at Renesmee's name from a Mormon perspective, but I think what people fail to realize is that you have to look at Meyer's entire series from a Mormon perspective in order to fully appreciate what she's talking about.

I think that Bella and Edward represent eternal marriage as Mormons understand it--that at the end of this life, it's all about families and living together, and literally having a happily ever after. The fact that he's so controlling and she's so clueless is supposed to capture how EVERYONE is capable of that kind of happiness. And while Stephenie Meyer wasn't writing this primarily for a Mormon audience, I think our beliefs show through ENDLESSLY in her writing. And with Breaking Dawn, she channels these thoughts about eternal relationships through these two characters. But I don't think people realize that to have their relationship at the forefront of a novel being read by millions of people is pretty cavlier because talking in specifics about certain aspects of the afterlife isn't something that we do in the LDS church. To have her images, as a young LDS reader who won't know a lot of these specifics until after I'm married (because that's just how we do things), it's really helpful to have a book that talks about something that is so important to me in a way that is both creative, yet approachable.

I'm just saying that if The House on Mango Street (blech) can be praised for providing insight into the Hispanic community, I really think it's necessary to consider Meyer's writing for their insights into the LDS perspective.


Leila, you know why I like you, right? It's not just the Dr. Who thing. It's that you will take a bullet for me.

Thanks for reading this so I won't ever.


You know what I really did like about the book? I liked that when Bella finally got vamped, her relationship with Edward seemed to become much more of a partnership. In the (wicked let down of a) big battle at the end, they stood side-by-side, ready to fight -- he didn't try to boss her or prevent her from participating or anything. So that was nice.


that was so funny and thank you for the link to cleolinda - she was hilarious!


Exactly what Ted Mack said.

Sarah Rettger

Sarah M. and TadMack beat me to it - between you and Jackie, I know all I need to about this one.

Gail Gauthier

Did you notice that when she got vamped it wasn't murder or suicide? The author avoided those scenarios.

Your play by play? tres funny. and also? i love these books, even though i did find bellla very, well whiney but also was it just me or did it feel, lacking? books aren't supposed read like the author is under a deadline, there was NO PLOT HARDLY! she has a baby faces an almost disaster, then lives happily ever after. wheres the part where i waited a year for the bloody book to come out, what was the point in the ummm anticipation? oh i dunno it just seemed to... like i said lacking and now that i'm done my utterly ridiculous spiel, i'm probably just going to go and read it again in another month just because the books are so freaking readable you know? anyways loved your play by play!


This play by play is hysterical. I'm in the middle of listening to the book right now and Renesmee was just born. I was telling a friend of mine that was the name and she said it sounds like an air freshner - Renuzit. I totally agree that it needed some heavy editing, although I'm liking Jacob more in this book than the others. Bella and Edward are, frankly, laughable.


This was really funny and I was also laughing about the whole renesmee thing. Although I've read this, I'm still curios to see whether or not the book is as lame as you think it is. Does anyone know where I can read the book online ( preferably no downloading)????


I am so incredibly sad now. I have been reading your site for like the past week (I just discovered it) and I was so happy to actually find someone who wrote real life reviews (not that crap the press writes). The Twilight series was absolutely amazing and after about 3 years of off an on reading, barely getting through 10 books, it made me actually start reading again. It got me interested in stories and writing and feeling for charactors (because Bella and Edward rock, and Jacob is a prat). Now I feel like I cannot trust anything you have to say anymore because you dislike my favorite series of books since, well ever. I am so disappointed in you.

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