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29 August 2008


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Kelly Fineman

Oh. My. God.

Color me stunned. And mortified.


Who??!! Who does this woman think she is?

I can't get the video to play. :(


I was going with Gandhi. There's probably a certain amount of grave rolling going on right now!


Good gracious! I can't even begin to understand what goes on in this lady's head. I was expecting her to use the term 'civil disobedience', but she never did. I just don't see her comparison. The oppression of an entire race of people does not equate to her situation.

And I'm laughing at the color me stunned comment. :-)


Oh, no, she didn't!
The suspense was killing me, so I just watched the video while at work. My jaw hit the keyboard.

Lady S

Oh, no, I can totally see her point. She is just like Rosa Parks. You know, she is being treated badly because of hundreds of years of oppression against the stupid and self-righteous. She is standing up for all those who feel they are entitled to their opinion and no one else is entitled to theirs. I totally get where she is coming from.

Or, I think she is a crackpot.

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