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25 August 2008


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Ooh, I think I'm in. It's on my LIST and I finally brought it home from the library (where it is amusingly miscataloged in the system as some Arabic-language academic tract).


Count me in too. It's been on my shelf (and TBR pile) for far too long!


Oh, good!

As much as I want to read it, I'd have been sad to read it all alone...


I dunno. It's been a while, but I don't recall liking that book very much. Really, apart from The Eight and An Infamous Army, I'm not a fan of Fr Rev books. Everybody in them is always so evil and greedy (and eventually headless.) It's just depressing.


Ooo, I have a copy of An Infamous Army around here somewhere -- I'd better move it up the pile. Hopefully you'll jump in for the Big Read IV (whatever that one will be...)!


Wow -- I haven't read this one in YEARS. I'm in. It's also one of my fave Dickens -- I think the first I read all the way through. I'm SO in. I'll post on Readers' Rants (or are you doing Twitter?).


I'll post as I have for the previous Big Reads (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), but I might work some Twittering in there, too. We'll see.

Gosh. I'd better snag a copy at the library and make a schedule! I had no idea that people would jump in so quickly!


@TadMack: Really? It was your favorite? Hmm, maybe...no, no. Don't want to read about tumbrils right now. Still, I don't remember it very well...


I am definitely on that team! I haven't read A Tale of Two Cities in years and I didn't really get everything out of it that I could have. Hurray for Big Read III!


I'm in!!! This one has been on my shelves forever!


I am in - I have enjoyed the first two Big Reads, but did not have the time to participate. I haven't read this one since Middle School!

Kelly Fineman

I am in for this one - I read it on an all-night bender in college, and haven't read it since. But man, did I love that book (which was not, by the way, assigned. I just wanted to read it.)


I'm in, too!


hey, it's free on email or rss!:



They turned this into a musical which will opening soon on Broadway. I am seeing a preview next week.


I remember disliking this book at 12 but seeing as I can't remember it at all suspect I might not have given it a fair chance. So I'm in too :)

Kate F

Sweet! I loved it when I first read it a couple years ago and I'm game to do a reread.

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