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02 September 2008


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Brian F.

I bought THE KNIFE THAT KILLED ME on my recent trip and it's nearing the top of the pile. In just skimming, it seems very different from HELLBENT.

Cheryl Rainfield

I love the things you write about, and the way you write about them, your voice. Your blog is entertaining AND informative.

I’ve nominated your blog for the Brilliante Weblog Premio Award! Please visit my blog for more information :).


Knife of Never Letting Go is SO GOOD. Really, really good. I've been trying to sell it to as many people as possible!

Although I don't think it'll win because it doesn't seem very prize-y to me. Anything except Horowitz, please!


Thanks, Cheryl! And Anna, I've had it on my list for ages -- I'll have to track down a copy!

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