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30 September 2008


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Yes, this suffers from a lack of Schmidt and Sir John. But have you heard the theory that he's the baddie in the Camelot Caper? I had to re-read it to check and I like. Especially the insight into his horrible mother.


SHUT UP! He couldn't be a bad guy. Okay, maybe he could. Sadly, my library has a crap selection of Elizabeth Peters and all of mine are at my dad's house. So it's either ILL or road trip. Damn.


Thank you! I forgot all about this series and I loved them. It will fun to reread them.

When I was browsing in Chapters a few weeks ago, I almost fell over when I saw a new Vicky Bliss! Even though it hasn't been that long since I reread the series I thiink I will read them again. Time with Vicky is a pleasure.


Oh, COOL -- cool sounding series. I've missed this one entirely!

And yes, I hate the word "lover" too. It squicks me out something awful. Why IS that?


Hey, I just did the same thing - just finished the new one this morning. And if you're a Schmidt fan, you'll love his role in the new one - he is a Mastermind, I tell you, a Mastermind with secret skills.

Of course John could be a bad guy - just no violence, right? He's in The Camelot Caper as his usual bad but noble self.


Oh, cc meant that JOHN was the baddie in the The Camelot Caper. I thought she meant Doctor Blankenhagen, for some reason! Ha ha!

TadMack, these are great -- perfect bathtub books! (Actually, pretty much anything by Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels fits into that category, as far as I'm concerned...)


I have this one on order and should be getting it soon. Can't wait to jump in.

Kelly Fineman

Whoa. Must look for these books.

Also, am in favor of the term "boinking partner."


Just finished this and absolutely loved it. Thanks for the review. I am interested in the rest of the series and I can only hope for more seances. Seriously, that was the coolest.


I just finished this today, and I LOVED it. Dr.Blankenhagen is purely amazing.

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