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02 September 2008


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Haha! :) The last part made me laugh.

And the first paragraph...wow! Talk about similar-sounding.


Crazy, right? They are pretty different, though.


Nailed it like a two by four.
A bunch of my coworkers and I were digging through the YA section to get something cure the weird post-twilight cravings and this fell into my hands...and though I was surprised by certain revelations within the story, the characters and plot gave me nuthin'. *pout*
Oh, and yeah. Gotta love the vamp subtlety. :)


I read this book like about two months ago, and i read twilight before, so the first thing is that you might see some similarities in the book but when you keep reading you notice is nothing what you expected, i mean i like it a lot and it is a book i would recomend... and the description about lucas is diferent.. i mean i didnt picture him as edward so yeah they are pretty diferents storys and i like both you can notice the diference between the storys when you find out who in evernight are the vampires.....


I love this book so much I was suprised when I found out it was her and not him cause in twilight Edward Is fast and dose not sleep so yeah


I read Evernight in the end of November and absolutely loved it! I seriously couldn’t put it down. My mom got on my back about cleaning my room, but unless I was reading I just couldn’t function. It was crazy! I’m a huge fan of the Twilight Saga but now that I’m done with those books I would really have to say that Evernight will be my new favorite series of vampire books. Twilight is still up there but Evernight is in the spotlight right now.
When I first started reading this book I was completey hooked. But around page 150 or so I was execting a twist, just not the one that happened. I was so surprised that I swear my eyes were like popping out of my head!
Sorry i’ve been rambling on like this but if your a fan of Twilight or just interested in reading an incredibly good book this is the book for you.
A big fan of this series.

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