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18 September 2008


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Fuse #8

Did you read "Airman"? That's Colfer's saving grace, to my mind. Artemis I can live without. Airman I adore.

Brian F.

Regardless of my feelings for ARTEMIS FOWL, I just don't WANT anyone but Adams continuing the series. I'm with you on not being a fan of continuing the properties of dead authors. It vaguely feels like graverobbing.

I kept thinking, "Why was Colfer chosen?" I wonder if the chance to continue HITCHHIKER'S was offered to others (Gaiman perhaps?) and they chose not to desecrate Adams's legacy.

I don't think I'll be partaking in the new adventure. I've got books and audios of the radio series to keep me happy.


Fuse, I haven't read Airman, but that's the new-ish one I would like to read. Dang. I meant to link to it in my post.

Brian, I wondered the SAME EXACT THING about Gaiman. WE ARE TWINS.


I tried my best to like Airman (mostly due to Fuse's review actually) and I did love the story and the steam-punky world, but the prose. Dear god, the prose.

I genuinely don't know how to feel about this news. I haven't read anything by Fowler (mostly because I'm still stuck in a massive do I really want to read the last HP book dilemma and feel unable to move onto any other whimsical YA magic series until I resolve it) and yes Mostly Harmless does end in a sad, sad way but I kind of felt it added extra depth and evilness to Adams work. It sort of made me respect him even more than when Marv died.

Emily Lloyd

I thought Airman sounded good and am going to give Colfer a second try with it, too--just want to say that it's good to hear someone else didn't like *Artemis Fowl*! I'm not sure what Colfer will bring to Adams, as *AF* seemed like plain ol' bad writing to me--


I read two Artemis books mainly to be able to talk about them with my neighbor and didn't like them. But Airman was FUN... I bought myself a copy to keep. I look forward to seeing how you feel about it.

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