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23 September 2008


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When I first glanced, I read it as "Ann Coulter was a way better villain than Voldemort" so, of course, I just had to click on the link to see what they were talking about. Once I got there, duh!


Ha ha ha ha ha!

Brian F.

May I assume the headline is your best GOB Bluth impersonation?

Lisa Yee

I thought it was Ann Coulter, too, and was apt to agree.


Oh I think The White witch and Captain Hook should have gotten a higher number too lol but Curella was right at number 3. She's so freaky in the book!

Maureen E

That song is stuck in my head again. SIGH.

a Paperback Writer

Actually, I thought Mrs. Coulter was a great deal like Cruella D'ville -- fancy but not very frightening.
Sorry. I think Voldemort is a much better villian.

a Paperback Writer

And Gil-martin should've been WAAAAAY further up the list. Creepy, creepy, creepy.
And how come not a single Poe narrator makes it on the list?! the narrator in Tell-Tale Heart and the narrator in Cask of Amontillado are majorly psychotic killers! They should definitely be on the list!

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