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19 September 2008


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Brian F.

Have you looked at the first 39 CLUES yet? I have similar issues with being beaten over the head with repeat info. I was entertained but I kept thinking, "Yeah, I got it the first couple times this was mentioned."


I haven't. I kind of want to, though -- I'm a sucker for the solve-it-youself mystery thing.


I've heard so many rave reviews of these books. Sorry you didn't enjoy them :(


You and me both!


I had the exact same problem as you did Leila - I really tried to like this book, I wanted to like this book but it was so clearly written to formula that I wondered if the author was given a plot outline ala the Stratmeyer syndicate.

I could not stand it and that is being charitable.


I couldn't agree more. This book (well, what I made it through before giving up) was a disappointment.


Aw, I liked this book. Can I have the sequel?? :P

I actually liked The Alchemyst so much that I immediately bought the sequel when it came out.


Kelia, it's yours. I'll bring it in on Monday. It seems to be a book that people really take to... or really don't!


Thanks! I'll ask Anna to get it from you.


I gave this book to a cousin before I read it myself based on Amazon reviews (I tried to see if you had read it yet Leila to get a good review - alas!) and then rented the audio from the library.
You know what's worse than reading it... listening to it. PAIN-FUL. I could only get through 2 CDs before I was yelling, "I get it! Stop repeating yourself! Geez."

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