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05 September 2008


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When the Stilton-hatted lady comes in and starts screaming at the help, I laughed because, y'know,they probably WERE hanging around. I got a kick out of how they all hung around the Concord room to see who would come out. But I did wonder what happened to the brawny lady later -- I mean, Mr. Lorry asked her if she was going to France... I guess she made sure Miss Manette didn't wimp out on the Channel crossing, and then went to hassle other people with her shouting and poor choices in millinery.


I took her "If it was ever intended that I should go across salt water, do you suppose Providence would have cast my lot in an island?" line to mean that she'd never cross the ocean. So she doesn't show up again later? Rats. I loved how she barrelled in, screamed at everybody and beat up Mr. Lorry. And I especially loved it when he decided that she must be a man!


Wait, are you talking about Miss Pross? Because she turns out to be awesome, not to worry.


Oh, goody -- hopefully we're talking about the same person -- her name hasn't been used yet!


I'm reading this book right now, and I'm so glad I came across this review! Very funny stuff.

The "sick fish" comment was AWESOME. I read Bleak House a bit ago, and was stunned by how awesome it was. Some things made my jaw drop.


I swear I'm going to get on this. I have a four-flight weekend coming up with only one child (and it's the one who's only partly evil, not wholly so) . . .

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