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08 September 2008


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I am LOVING your comments on TOTC! I wanted to take part this time but just have too much going on...luckily, I feel like I'm reading vicariously through you. What's going to happen with Carton and Miss Manette???? You're leaving me hanging!!!


Oh, dear. Poor Carton. I find I want to save him from himself. Or at least a massive hangover. Ye merciful livers.

Julie Carter

Dickens LOVED sarcasm. The whole middle section of Martin Chuzzlewit is one big sarcastic fandango (funny at first, but it goes on waaaaay too long).


Man, I love this book. And Sydney Carton. It's great to experience it unfold through your eyes. Keep it comin'!


I loved Dickens' description of the charges. "Wickedly, falsely, traitorously, and otherwise evil-adverbiously..." Hee.


I love how you 'may swoon.'

At first I didn't like Carton, but the second look when blogging about it gave me a glimpse of the tortured bad boy, and made me wonder about the innocent Darnay.

The way you write about it makes it so easy to see this as a teen/20 something movie.


Laura, hopefully you'll be up for it next time! I'm thinking maybe Ivanhoe, but that would be a re-read for me, and it's so much fun reading when I don't know the outcome! Ah, decisions...

TadMack: I'm surprised that I'm not taking to Carton immediately -- he seems like the sort of character that would I would usually adore. I think it's that he's very aware of what a disaster he is, and that he's miserable about it, but that he still doesn't take any sort of action (so far) to change that. If he was a disaster and comfortable with that, I'd probably adore him already. But it's early yet, so I'm sure my feelings will change 47 times over.

Yeah, Julie -- more than anything else, reading this has made me realize that I've really missed out by avoiding Dickens all this time.

Will do, Angie -- I'm REALLY enjoying it.


Naomi, that is RAD. Okay, I've officially missed out by never reading any Dickens.

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