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19 September 2008


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I don't think you're a heartless hag, because the little boy's dying words made me gag a bit, too. No child really talks like that unless they're one of those saintly fictional children who dies tragically young, like Little Eva or Beth March.


Eeeew. Beth March. EXACTLY who that Wee Holy Babe reminds me of, those insipid March girls, or Little Nell. Or Little Eva. (What is it with the LITTLE?). Just... someone you want to kind of slap. While vomiting on them. While they die.

Okay. If you're an evil hag, I'm thinking I am, too.


...and P.S., I don't think Dickens means it. He is a product of his time, but not THAT much, not with his wicked eye for mimicry and knowing well the human foibles of his society.


I find Mme. Defarge chilling. If she were a man, I would also find her chilling. But understandable either way. Then as now mothers will become the huntress defender of babies when some great evil force threatens their lives.

Late night, I got caught up, but now I'm behind one installment today. I have a deep thought Buddhist paper to write....if that goes well, I may get back to Dickens tonight. My sweetie gave me a prescription muscle-relaxer for my shoulder...we'll see if that helps or hurts the deep thought. It has been hard to discipline myself from watching TV. I really think I ought to cover it with a curtain. (First Dead Zone, now X-files and NCIS for some ungodly reason. I can watch and surf and ogle the Israeli character, I suppose. It fascinates me, the inflection in which they all call Mark Harmon "Boss".)


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