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10 September 2008


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I'm all over the cartoon birds. SERIOUSLY: Miss Manette is better than good. I mean, she makes women selflessly want to look after her -- for free. WhatEVER, Charles Dickens. The HUGELY foreshadowed chapters this time were pretty darned spooky.

BTW, Heidi@ Adventures in Multiplicity is reading, too.


you got 3 LOLs outta me. heheh.
1. cartoon birds. yes!
2. WHILE STILL KNITTING. she is THE playah. Good question. The father so grief-stricken he cannot think of money?
3. the lounging did it.

You are a clever writer.

Maybe together we can get one step ahead of this mystery. I too wonder if the family resemblance is what disturbs the Doctor. I think you're on to something with Carton. Just what relation is he?...

Mr. Lorry knows more than he lets on...




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