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29 September 2008


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I'm crying at my desk! At work! Damn you, Charles Dickens!

Maureen E

So, I meant to do this Big Read because I love ATOTC and haven't read it in years. And then school got in the way.

But I will have you know that I just read the quote from the last chapter AND STARTED CRYING. Now, I know I tend to be a bit weepy, but that passage kills me. Every single time.


I love my Sydney!


The kiss at the foot of the guillotine is one of my most favorite scenes in all of literature. Just... *sigh*

Sydney Carton rocks my world.


In your elegant phrase of yesterday, "Charles Dickens, you jerk."

I finished last night and cried too. I'm so glad I read it, even if I was behind you all, so thanks for picking it. How tempting is it to mentally rewrite that ending so that Sydney and the seamstress escape at the last minute and live happily ever after instead of dreary Darnay and lovely Lucie?

(Although I have to say that the escape in the coach chapter was one of the best-things-ever.)


That kiss really was awesome. As was pretty much everything in the whole book. I have to admit that I laughed while I was sobbing at the end because Lucie's forehead got mentioned one last time...


oy. I figured I'd better get caught up with this LAST Big Read before I get started on the next.

I'm stubborn...I had to finish.


It's so worth finishing. Glad to have you for BR4!

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