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24 September 2008


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Hee! I love reading your reviews after I've written mine. I'm all in the same hysteria, only I forgot to mention that one other person had accused Charles Darnay. I expect it's that Roger Cly person, but it really begs the question of WHY!?!?!

Incidentally? "Attractively symmetrical" would not be my description of Mr. Dickens gets my Sydney offed. I'm going to have WORDS about it if he does.


And MAN DO I AGREE about Lucie Junior. She's had all of ONE line and one action in the whole novel, and she's got to be eight by now. She's a somnambulist who lives in the attic, apparently.


This is my favorite novel; always glad to see someone else getting into it. And I will now tiptoe quietly away to keep from spilling any details of what's to come.


Hey, if I never get my act together to finish this blankety-blank book, can I still count it on my List if I've read all your reviews?


Okay, I give in. I went and got it at the library and am racing to catch up. M. the Marquis just bought it. (Is it just me or is Dickens kind of being a jerk about that? M. THE Marquis sounds way stupid, but M. LE Marquis does not.)

I do not UNDERSTAND why you people don't love Carton whole-heartedly. What is wrong with you?


I do! :-)

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