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26 September 2008


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Okay, listen, L. For the next Big Read, we have to read something funny. This is kind of killing me.


Dude, I am so with you.

Kelly Fineman

This book has an ending made out of awesome and really great lines. And some of the consequences are happy, but I guarantee you'll need more tissues.


Man, it's just as heartbreaking watching you go through it as it was reading it myself the first time. Geez.


I know how you feel, but it's worth it. Honestly, it is.

I'd suggest maybe a nice P. G. Wodehouse for the next round, though. :-)


(covering my eyes so I don't get spoilers)

I still plan to finish the readings, I'm just going to be waaay behind. I'm reading the Iliad for discussion on the 5th (face-to-face gets priority). Plus I had to prepare and deliver my first Buddhist Sunday School of the season. That was fun.

I need to hide the TV and just read the next few days.

I'll have you know this way of reading and my attempting to blog wittily has totally affected the way I'm reading the Iliad.

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