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29 September 2008


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I've always wanted to read Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers. I love me some spy novels and I've seen this on a couple of those Best Books of All Time lists. Or how about Peyton Place for some nostalgic scandal value?

Liz B

Once February comes, I'm in!


How about the first Gormenghast book? I've been trying to read it for a couple months, but it's so goddamn heavy (literally--I've got that paperback 3-in-one and it must weigh 7 or 8 pounds) I keep putting it down, and then when I pick it up again I've forgotten who everyone is. And I really like it (or the 40 pages I've read 6 times now).


Ooo, yeah. I'd love to read that one -- I've been meaning to for so long. And I still haven't read Armadale. Or Jamaica Inn.


Ooo, good idea. I've been wanting to read that FOREVER.

Also, I've never read Armadale. Or Jamaica Inn.


Ooh, I vote for Jamaica Inn! That's the one with wreckers, right? I meant to read it before I went to Cornwall in August but didn't have time. And one day was just too cold to surf, so I dragged my husband to the Jamaica Inn, anyway. It was cool, but they make a very weak gin & tonic. :(

Kelly Fineman

No Ivanhoe. Yet. Although I did just tour the Rosenbach Museum & Library the other day, which has a lovely portrait of Rebecca Gratz, who was the inspiration for Rebecca in Ivanhoe.


I recently finished Gentlemen and Players by Joanne Harris...that's a school based literary mystery that I think you'd like!


Since you're thinking Ivanhoe, re-read Betsy in Spite of Herself (by Maud Hart Lovelace) first.

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