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04 September 2008


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Charge them for a damaged book.


Can't, sadly -- it was actually the patron who had the book out who brought it to our attention. She wrote us an AWESOME note about it -- on a piece of paper, not in the book!

Electric Landlady


It hurts.


Uh! I HATE people like this. I'm an English professor, and his (or her) corrections aren't even correct! If you are going to be pedantic, at least be right!


Eesh, how obnoxious can you be? Generally, I don't even like marginalia, but this takes it to a new extreme. It ruins the reading experience!



Kelly Fineman

NO BOOKS FOR HIM/HER! (If only you could I.D. them 100%)


How annoying! Are the edits made in pen?


Yup! Lame, right? I really don't know what's wrong with people -- we have tons of books they could buy from our 50-cent book sale and mark up to their heart's content, but OH NOOOO, they have to write all over the library books.



AUGHHH! That sucks that you can't track it. That would put me in cranky pants mode enough to be neurotic about checking books for this when they got returned - which would not be productive. Do not deface library property! How much clearer can you get! As you can see I'm already wearing my cranky pants this week.

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