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05 September 2008


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I'll give it a try. I liked Heavy Metal and You and I am intrigued by this concept of rage, etc and the idea of channeling it. I also haven't read A Million Little Pieces so maybe I can give a different perspective.


I also felt more of a connection to Randall than Locke, but to be fair that's because Randall is based on me. I absolutely love this book (and not just because I'm in it). Even the real parts of it have a comic book feel.


Oh, that's interesting DoctorBatman -- I wondered if any of it was based on real life stuff. A lot of it had that feel.


I was wondering if anyone knew the ending song in the book. I like to try to find the songs to get the feel of the moment the author was trying to portray, especially with scenarios like the one at the end. if anyone could tell me that would be a big help. Thanks.


It's Devil Inside by INXS. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jlkarj6uJdE


i absolutly love this book. I picked it out becaouse the title just kind of jumped out at me. i have read this book four times in a row for this semester of school!!

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