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11 September 2008


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Yep - this one's on my list. Have glanced at his blog periodically, but yesterday SF Signal posted a whole slew of YA SF and he was on it, and so... I also think I want to read the one Josh is reading first...


I'm reading it right after him -- and getting copies of the second two books in the trilogy ASAP.


Having read Zoe's Tale after reading the trilogy of Old Man's War, The Ghost Brigades, and The Last Colony, I would recommend reading the trilogy rather than Zoe's Tale, which I think really does belong in the YA section. If you're interested, I've reviewed all of these, Zoe's Tale most recently.


I've read that some people who'd read the trilogy found the retelling somewhat repetitive -- was that why Zoe's Tale didn't do it for you? Actually, maybe I'll answer my own question and head over to your blog...


After reading your review, I decided that this was the next book on my list...so far, enjoying it very much. Thank you. :)


Gotta agree with you on this one. Haven't read the others in the series (and likely won't) but I did really like Zoe!

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