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01 October 2008


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Heh. Withholding judgement until I read it properly (I just flicked through it yesterday) (it seems okay, he evidently actually wrote it himself, but it seemed a bit '... and then. And then. And then.')

I digress, because what made me laugh was... it seems like EVERY publisher has a Quentin Blake book this season. I think he is illustrating half of all the books out this Christmas. Off the top of my head: Boy in the Dress, he's illustrated A Christmas Carol for Pavilion, he's edited/partially illustrated The Birthday Book, he did the cover for the Puffin classic re-issue of Five Children and It, Grimble at Christmas is getting re-issued, there's a gift book called 'You're only young twice' (which may be just stock illustrations, I don't know, but still counts!), he's done the illustrations for the re-issue of John Masefield's Box of Delights/Midnight Folk, and Ten Frogs got re-issued earlier this year. Dude is everywhere! (Not that I mind, maybe he's just telling everyone he's not doing much anymore?)

Erm, sorry for nerding all over your comments.


Ha ha. Always feel free to nerd all over my comments!


As long as we're talking celebrity books, have you read Hugh Laurie's "The Gun Seller" yet? (My apologies if you blogged about it half a dozen times and I missed them all!) If you haven't, that's another good one to get. He's one terrific novelist -- and just as funny as you'd expect.


Hmmmm... this might be ok. I figure that Walliams does actually write for Little Britain. Also, he didn't write it because children's books are easy! He had a story and thought "who's my audience" and decided since it was about a kid, then the book should be for kids. So, I have some hope.

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