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28 October 2008


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I think that video is what made me like the song, to be honest. Do I secretly have fantasies of dancing on top of my card catalog? Possibly....


Hee hee! Is destroying a card catalog really the way to win his heart? --When is this song from? It seems kind of old-fashioned, but I don't remember it.


2006, but the chorus (according to Wikipedia) is from an older song...


I'm between being traumatized and wanting to jump around with my aerobics class from Junior High PE.


I do not think she is being appropriately quiet and respectful for a library. On the other hand, now I REALLY want a hot geeky library boy...move over, Doctor House! I have a new fantasy this week!


Oh my gosh. I can't believe anyone younger than 25 knows Vanilla Ice. *shivers*

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