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10 October 2008


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Yay, Jane!
This is another book I should read again -- been awhile!


Sorry, but by FAR my least favorite Austen.


I've never read it, so it needs to happen -- and I want to finally read Aiken's Mansfield Revisited, so I figured I should read the actual Austen first!


It's not my sentimental favorite, but it's VERY interesting. I always think of it as Jane Austen meets Charles Dickens.


Well, of course it's true that the worst Austen beats the stuffing out of the best of just about everything, but Fanny Price really gets up my nose. I like her even less than Emma.

a Paperback Writer

I loathed Fanny in this book. It will be interesting to see what you think of this wimpy, passive heroine.
I really kept wanting the other girl (can't remember her name: the cuter, livelier girl) to get the guy (it would've been genetically safer as well).
The plot is well-crafted in this book, but it feels dogmatic, almost a Sunday School lesson shoved down your throat.


PWB: how do you feel about Anne Eliot? I rooted for the rebellious daughter in MP too(an improper play? are you shitting me? shades of Victorian morality, much?), and wondered about my creds as a critic, but then I read Persuasion and felt totally different about a "passive, mealy-mouth" heroine. Of course, it only confirmed my prejudice that FP sucks, so YMMV.

Katlin Seagraves

Awesome! I have to read this book by Monday of next week. It's what I'm doing my senior paper on.


I think the difference between Anne Elliot and Fanny Price is that Anne does the things she does because she wants to help other people and/or make them happy, and Fanny does them because she wants to hold the world to some bizarrely determined moral standard, even if everyone else ends up miserable. I am, as you might imagine, a fan of Anne Elliot, and think that Fanny Price is a twit.

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