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01 October 2008


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I read Marked but almost didn't finish it and I skimmed Betrayed. I couldn't stand the writing. It seemed to me they tried way too hard to make Zoe sound like a teenager but no teenager I know actually talks like that. And I have a problem with main characters that are so super duper special that no one in the world is like them and all the popular girls hate them while all the boys love them.

Have you read the Vampire Academy books by Richelle Mead? Currently their are two with number three out in October. A much better boarding school vampire series.


I knew I should have previewed before posting...there not their.


Um yeah I'll be skipping this one.


I'm reading the newest one now and it's more of the same. Rehashing the story every 50 pages or so, lots of "hip" language, and whatnot. One difference, there are actually some of the kinder persuasion of Christians. It's getting rather dull, but I have 32 pages left so it's FINALLY getting to the good part. I hope.


"Aphrodite's laugh, followed by her perky, "Of course I'd be happy to show her around! You know I'm always glad to help you, Neferet," was as fake and cold as Pamela Anderson's humongously huge boobs, but Neferet just nodded in response and then turned to face me."

So...Pam Anerdon's boobs are cold? Weird.

a Paperback Writer

Well, the moon tatoo sounds spiffy -- but that's about it.
blood and chocolate? Um, isn't that what you get if you bite your cheek while eating a Hershey bar?

FYI, Polidori, the dude who hung out with Mary Shelley when she originally thought up Frankenstein, wrote one of the oldest vampire stories, basing his vamp on Byron, if I remember correctly.
Anyway, his story is called "The Vampyre." So this author MIGHT be referring back to that tale.
However, there's a really good reason why Stoker's Dracula became famous and Vampyre didn't: The Vampyre is even less well written than the tidbits you've chosen to quote from this nasty piece of work.


Oh, I know that 'vampyre' gets used with some regularity -- but it just added to the trying-way-too-hard-to-be-mysterious-and-romantic-and-hip vibe for me...

Anyway, there were things I enjoyed about the book (well, more the second one...) but they seem to be escaping me at the moment...


Ahhh! marked sounded so boring. I started with Betrayed --got it for three dollars at Edward Mcay :)

I don't like the repetitveness, its so annoying. Does Zoey even realize shes a whore?? She says all throughout the other books.. "god i'm such a ho" but its not like she ever really realizes it. She just keeps going. Will it ever end??? I do know people who talk like her. I'm vaugley annoyed by her saying "ah, hell." all the time. My god, can't she say anything else?? I still enjoy the series sadly. I do loath Zoey though, my favorite character is Aphrodite by far. She seems to be the only character who isn't one dimentional. Bah, I read Chosen and really hated it, everyone dies. wtf. Whats up with her not being upset over Loren...she lost her virginity to him and was imprinted...it looks like she'd give it at least a second thought even though he 'betrayed' her. Also, Eric wasn't even that big of a deal though she acts like it. He was less of a boyfriend than Heath and Loren. Annoying. Repetitive. But I CANT STOP READING. haha.


i actually realy like the books i read marked and couldnt put it down and then i had to read the other books but everyone has their opinions so i think we should be aloud to say what we think and some of you are right the book can be anoying at times, but then agen it can be good.


I also can't stop reading it, those books are so addtictive,but some of them are really boring, escpecially 'untamed'.
I don't like Zoey, because she does such stupid things sometimes. Also it is annoying that she has millions of boyfriends :S

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